• BIO-V018
  • Product Overview:

    Fashion Design- Fashionable design that fits with your home decoration. Compact to save space.
    Easy Assembly- Comes pre-assembled for easy installation, and saves money on instillation fees compared with big traditional antennas.
    New Concept Design Antenna - Modern with a compact size to reduce wind load and provide much better signal reliability on windy or rainy days. Anti-UV and waterproofing/snow proofing provide shielding for minimum interference.
    Enhanced VHF/UHF Reception and Built-in Low Noise Amplifier and 4G LTE Filter - Enhanced receiving performance and stronger signal reception with less signal loss. Removes interference and channel loss caused by 4G mobiles phone signals.
    Funny Life-Never Pay Expensive Cable or Satellite Fees Again - Pull in all of your local news, sitcom, kids and sports programs in full HD to any digital-ready TV.
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