• BIO-V121
  • Product Overview:
    HIGH-PERFORMANCE: The BIO-V021 is a high-performance DVB-T2 antenna with a solid aluminium core and extra-long copper receiving cable. Targeted high-grade use of material for a powerful & maximum reception performance.
    USE OF MATERIAL The greater the amount of material, the better the signal quality. In comparison with other manufacturers, we systematically fit a solid aluminium core with an extra-long copper cable for a better reception at your location.
    KNOW-HOW: You too can benefit from the experience of export and 10 years of expertise in receiver technology. The quality of  BIO-V021 ensures you always achieve the best reception available with your DVB-T2 television set and receiver, as well as with PC DVB-T2 sticks & portable DVB-T2 devices.
    UNIVERSAL TELEVISION: Use widespread DVB-T2 technology for lower-cost reception of TV channels at any location, in every room, as an alternative to SAT & cable fees. Please see freenet.tv for more details
    PLUG&PLAY: Simple plug & play installation on all DVB-T2 TV sets & receivers: Step 1. Connect the antenna to the receiver 2. Start automatic channel search 3. That's it!

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