• BIO-V018
  • Product Overview:
    It is ideal for both analog and digital aerial TV broadcast or DAB broadcasting and supports ISDB-T (Japan), ATSC (USA, Canada, Mexico), and DVBT (EU/Asia) standard.
    Featured with dual extendable antenna rods to increase the reception quality. The antenna rods are retractable to increase the reception. It has a 6 foot long coaxial cable attached, which can easily used with almost any portable television or TV tuner card or usb tuner stick for both indoor and outdoor use.
    The number of TV channels and programs that you can receive for FREE depends on the amount of over-the-air broadcasters in your area. With the BIOTV BIO-V018 , there is no monthly fee and no need to subscribe. Just plug into a TV, scan the channels, and then enjoy your TV shows!
    The standard package includes a notebook clip and desktop suction pad. The clip and pad can be inter-changeable easily. And the notebook clip which can be adjusted and fitted to any laptop computer screen's thickness, and a suction pad which can be installed on any glass/flat surface.
    Perfect for portable TVs and USB TV tuners for its small foot print, compact and lightweight. Users can easily carry it in a laptop bag or TV case without worrying about extra weight or space.
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